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Non Parsi living a Parsi lifestyle

This blog post is dedicated to my Parsi family who welcomed a Non Parsi with open arms.

The first thing I asked Farhad after he realized that I am the one, “Hello wait, are your parents going to accept me?” His quick reply was “why not?”  He had confidence on his parents, and I had confidence on his commitment towards me.

One day, I decided to meet my future-in-laws. I remember it was Farhad’s birthday, and I went to his place to celebrate. His mom already knew from Farhad off course that I love to eat non-veg, and she prepared mag ni daar and gosht nu kheemo for me. Months passed by and with their love and attachment, I got close to my future in-laws before marriage.

Then the family meetings started to take place, as our engagement date got fixed as per Parsi calendar. In those meets, Farhad’s mom and sister used to explain the Parsi rituals to my sister- in-law. It was quite exciting for my family to follow different custom, as all these years we only followed the Hindu tradition. I was taken to Grant Road to buy a beautiful Red Gara Saree for my engagement. The entire journey was special for both the families. My MIL had already started to speak with me in Gujarati so that I get used to the language. I am sure you guys would want to know how my engagement took place, so below is the link that you will love to see the snapshots of FK’s Engagement.

The only inner guilt feeling I had marrying a Parsi was their skin color. As per my observation, fair skin tone is a default setting in Parsis.  I being a Bengali, I am dusky and I am happy about it. But whenever I used to tell someone after marriage that I am married to a Parsi, and the reaction used to be, Oh! But you don’t look like a Parsi. After that experience, I have slightly changed my statement, I am a Bengali and married to a Parsi. With experience in life you learn haha...   

Leaving the judgmental people talks behind, let’s continue about my Parsi lifestyle. You can check mine and Farhad’s marriage and reception snapshots in the below link to know how beautifully the wedding process took place.

After marriage, I experienced another birth, learning what, why, how of Parsi customs. My in-laws patiently taught me everything.

Within one year, I learnt the language, and the best part is my confidence raised when I started getting compliments in family functions that I speak good Gujarati (Parsi tone). My MIL taught me the importance of Roj as per Parsi calendar, every weekend she teach me how to make Parsi food. I am proud to announce that I am expert in making Chicken Farcha, Sali per edu, Akuri, Sali kheema etc. I have seen my MIL making Dhanshak, but haven’t tried yet.  I also put lovely chalk at the entrance and do Divo when my in laws are out of station. Every Friday, my mom makes me eat the black chana and sakhar which she keeps it near Dadaji’s photo.

In the Navjote ceremony which we attended, my mom had explained me the process. I still have to understand the wedding rituals but that I can only learn when someone close in the family is getting married. Eventually I will also understand the ceremonies of the new born or to be mother after I get pregnant. You learn faster with practical experience, don’t you?

In my entire journey after marriage, my in-laws whom I refer as my mom and dad have played a vital role in understanding me and teaching me how much ever they know about Parsi traditions so that I never feel left out in family gatherings/ ceremonies. I just love them.

I have massive respect for the Parsi culture, and hence I was able to adapt to their customs quickly. Obviously, I won’t say I am pro at it but I know it.  During Parsi New Year, I sit in the car ouside the agiary garden and pray for my family. Being a Non Parsi, I have no regrets about not going inside the agairy because of two major reasons, I respect Parsi customs and secondly, it’s my personal belief that God lives within us.

If you get to meet me someday in life, don’t forget to ask me, Khem Che Dikra :) 

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Extremely proud of your personal story on getting into a new family..A warm and true stories makes this blogpost more interesting..To move to a new family it new traditions does take a while and I am happy you are doing so well and beautiful...Super happy for you and god bless you darling :)

Very nicely written. Something which is different from your regular writing. Keep up the good work. All the best