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New Me!!

There is nothing exciting than personal makeover in this world to me. Since last 2 months I was thinking to do hair smoothening as I was kind of bored with my wavy hair. Throughout my life I had always craved for long hair and the best option to create an illusion of long hair is hair straightening / hair smoothning. In last 3 to 4 years, I had done hair smoothning and hair keratin treatment which eventually gave me the same look as in the below pic.

My dear husband Farhad introduced me to his friend Taniya Naz who is a well-known celebrity hair stylist. This is one woman who made me believe that I would sooner start loving my natural wavy hair.

Taniya started her journey of becoming a hair dresser since the age of 13. (Gosh! At 13, I might be busy looking after my grade in school). But this beautiful girl was clear about her career goals at such an early age. Interesting, isn’t it?

 I went to her for hair smoothening and a haircut which was my plan. She made me realize that if I want to look voguish, I have to go shoulder length, and with my natural wavy hair I can style it to look messy and feminine. Confession – Messy hairstyles are the most convenient and maintenance free. She mentioned about the Ombre hair which is fresh take this season. She showed me on her laptop that how dark brown into caramel ombre is amicable for its natural undertone and it will brighten up my complexion.  Well she is an expert to figure out the right cut for any face shape and hair texture. I thought it’s a worthy idea to quench my thirst.

Ting!! This is my new look…

That's Me and Taniya.




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