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My Recent Obsession - YOGA

April 16, 2014

Hi beautiful ladies and handsome hunks,

This post is not related to fashion, however I thought of posting it as it’s about fitness. Summer is the perfect season to join gym or do exercise at home, as you sweat more than usual. In last six months I did put on and I have no shame to declare my weight which increased 5 kgs extra and now I am 58kgs. It usually happens with me whenever I put on, the affects are seen on my face and arms first and that’s worst. I love posing and getting clicked, however I look extra chubbier on my cheeks when I put on. Honestly, I give importance to toning and shaping the body part rather than just reducing kilos. I was not convinced to join gym, as it never impressed me. There’s so much stress in this material existence, I wanted physical as well as mental peace and stability.

Recently I joined Yoga class which is hardly 15 minutes walk able distance from my house. Luckily I got a private yoga tutor who personally pays attention to my postures and exercises (Thanks to Just dial). The word Yoga says it all and you can Google to know its advantages in detail. I would like to tell you only thing that whoever wants to reduce their weight permanently, Yoga is the solution. Yoga takes time but the effects are permanent, it will also tone your body with full flexibility and solves most of the problems.

My classes are from Monday to Friday with 1 hour yoga in the evening as I have got office at 9 am and most importantly I am not a morning person. However, it’s said Yoga needs to be done in the morning as it filled with oxygen and less carbon dioxide in the air.  

My one week experience is best, as with yoga I have got control in my senses, I used to overeat, now with yoga, I hardly get hungry and even if I am hungry, 2 chapattis with sabzi (vegetable) fills my stomach. I am breathing with the right technique (Yippee). When I meditate its removes the stress of the entire day and I get energized (Yes, really). Asanas and exercises, were little difficult for initial 2 days as my body is not used to it. But now I become desperate to attend the class as its bringing positive changes in my body as well as mental calmness.

I don’t believe in the fact of so called dieting chapter or crash dieting, apart from my daily food, I have simply replaced or introduced few healthy eatables in my diet, now that’s nothing to do with yoga, but for my own betterment. I am a complete junk, rice and non veg eater. However I have cut down on rice to once a week and I have replaced it with oats. I have one raw vegetable daily as I am quite lazy to systematically cut the veggies and make a salad. I have inculcated green tea in my diet and that’s it I can’t sacrifice much as I live for food.

On the positive note, I am not expecting anything with my little bit sacrifices as everything I dedicate is to remain fit to serve people around. Stay fit with whichever physical activity you prefer, and watch out on what you eat at times for people like me who hates dieting.

Few Asanas which my yoga teacher suggests to do for following problematic areas:

  • Surya Namashkar (The sun salutation) – I call it as father of all Asanas. Regular practice helps to lose extra calories. It boosts blood circulation and helps hair greying, hair fall, and dandruff.
  • Gomukhasana (The cow face pose) - It stretches the arm, upper back, chest and the sides of chest and abdomen.
  • Nagasana (The cobra pose) –This posture benefits spine and lower back. The stomach and pelvic muscles strengthens.
  • Natraj-asana (The king of Dance pose)- It strengthens sense of balance and concentration.
  • Padmasana – The length of time to sit in the Padmasana depends on your intention. This posture is used for meditation.

  • Vajra asana (The thunderbolt pose)- After food sit in this position, it is an aid to digestion.


  • Dhanu rasana (The bow pose)- It help develop upper body strength.









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