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Dr. Nirmala Shetty's Nirmal Herbal Skin & Hair care Clinic Review

March 14, 2015

Hi Ladies,

As my marriage month is nearing, it’s time for some pampering and rejuvenating my skin.

Yayy!! I am getting married in May. I am excited but little nervous.  After my engagement in October 2014, I have been taking care of my skin with Body shop’s products as fortunately they have suited well on my skin. It’s a question to all my female reader‘s, what all treatment do girls undergo for their skin, body and hair to get that bridal feel?? Seriously I have no idea and I have been asking this question to all my married girlfriends. Suggestions are welcome, but I want the best.

I have already started my search for bridal packages in best salons in Mumbai.  My search was based on total care of my hair and body. I came across Dr. Nirmala Shetty’s clinic while browsing on net, and was amazed with the positive reviews. I have got a combination type skin and due to unpredictable weather this year, I thought to go with herbal way for treating my skin and hair.

Nirmal Herbal Skin & Hair care Clinic Review:

I must say they have gotta impressive ambience with soothing music playing in the background. I was welcomed with a glass of water and later with a glass of juice. I informed them about my marriage date and told them that I am looking to undergo some kinda facial or hair spa so that I am on tract of maintaining my skin & hair till my marriage date. She made me browse through her salon’s catalogue, which consisted of Hair treatments, clean-ups, facial, bridal packages, body wraps, massages etc.

I loved the fact that they only use herbal, natural products on skin and hair. The lady helped me to understand how clean-ups in their salon are different from rest of salons. For e.g.: they don’t prick the pimple or they don’t give steam.  She suggested taking clean up on my face and entire back.

Well, I should have mentioned you in the first; their treatments are not pocket friendly. They charge Rs.1800 for cleanup of 60 mins and Rs. 2000 for entire Back clean up. Their Facials also ranges from Rs.2000 and hair spa of Rs.2000.

For me, it’s my marriage, with the reviews I read about the salon, and with the natural products they use, I thought I should give it a try. I booked my appointment for face and back clean up.

My Clean up session: On my face she applied 3-4 natural packs one after the other and then she gave me a facial massage with saffron and spice mask. This session took 1 hour. At the end of clean up, I was given a bowl of raw milk so that I wash my face with it.

My Back Cleanup session:   She applied 4-5 herbal masks on my back one after the other. This session took 1 hour 15 mins as the packs took time to dry.

Outcome: Face and back felt refreshed. I felt pampered as their service is good.


  1. They use natural products to make face packs to apply on skin.

  2. Awesome client service

  3. Ambience


  1. Expensive as compared to the herbal packs they use.

Recommendation: Yes, as I have already mentioned that there service is good, you will feel pampered.




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