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Winter Styles!!

December 16, 2013

Hi all,

It’s getting colder day after day in Mumbai...This is the time to remove all my winter jackets, scarves, cozy sweaters to deal with the cold weather. However finding winter outfits for yourself is damn easy, because when you enter any shopping malls during winters you will only find winter collection of every brand..Hence I firmly believe that you have more wardrobe options during the cooler months. Here are few winter styles outfits which might help you to keep cozy when you are out and about.

  • Trench Coat- From October to March, your outer wear is the first thing that everyone sees, so why not to make a statement? Dress up worn jeans with a long tailored coat.


  • Canyon dress: Canyon dress is a cheerful essential during cold.


  • Retro Sweatshirt- This wool blend retro sweater is soft, stylish and goes well on trusted pair of jeans. A V-neck retro sweater is an excellent addition to men’s wardrobe.




  • Mega loop scarf – They are so in. Wear it with fitted jackets/ top and slim fit pants.


  • Motor Cycle jacket – Wear it to give an instant edge.


  • Cream Sweater- Fight Off the cold with the classy cream sweater. It’s a perfect top to go with your leggings. Pick from Turtlenecks or V- necks depending on your preference
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  • Upgrade your jeans with Knee high boots.


 So let me know which winter outfit you loved the most??


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