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Leather Skirt – An Ideal Centerpiece For Parties During Winter!!

December 13, 2013

Hello Fashion Divas,

Few years ago, I bought a maroon color leather mini-skirt from Bandra, linking road. The skirt was so luscious that teaming up a right top with it was a task. Just as stylish as it is functional, leather skirts goes well in any occasion be it a Christmas Eve or evening brunch with friends. I thought I will share few tips about what tops you need to wear on leather mini skirt to create different looks.

Keep it Elegant & Sophisticated – Wear your leather skirt with Turtle neck top, ankle length boots / open toe pair. To complete the look, Jewelry needs to be minimal; you can try silver / bronze handcuffs.

 Keep Feminine – Since leather skirts are edgy, but if you combine it with some girly pieces, it really gives you a perfect balance. Think of a floral pattern/lace blouse/ ruffles in colors like peach, neutrals.To give a feminine touch, wear heels which have a bow, prints. Use strand of pearls as a piece of jewelry.

Keep it Random – Opt for a cropped top or simple strip t-shirt. Even a denim shirt goes awesome on leather skirts if you tuck it or tie a knot at the waist to create a stylish assemble. Wear a pair of ballerina’s or your favorite wedges.

Keep it Polished- Wear your leather skirt with white button down skirt and with black pumps to get a sexy look. As leather clothes gives a rock star feel, wearing it with cropped black blazer and a silver chain necklace is an ideal classy look.

 NOTE: - Leather miniskirts are edgy hence avoid body fitted tops which shows so much skin.

Do let me know which above combination you liked the most??


















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So u mean to say that a leather skirt can be worn with woollen leggings? If yes, I am definitely gonna try it

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