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Office – It’s like another home to me. The best part about my office is wearing smart casuals all days. Hence it doesn’t get monotonous for me as who doesn’t like to wear casuals at work? Dressing for work can be very exciting if you want to make it. I understand everyone gets frustrated to dress for office especially for people who wear formals, however as your boss expects good performance from you, wearing something that makes you feel good can boost the office esteem. Have fun with your clothes, and don’t be reluctant to express yourself through your office clothes.

Here are some important tips to follow for getting dressed for office:

1)      Bottoms: Begin with buying bottoms of some common colors for office like black, brown, beige, grey. And invest in 2-3 pairs of colored pants like white, shades in blue, pink or red. Even if you repeat the bottoms with different shirts or top every week, no one will notice. Purchase some fun tops, shirts, jackets or blazers & accessories as you already have an idea of which bottoms you have in your wardrobe. And by switching them up with different bottoms, you can create as many styles as you can.


2)      Let people admire you: If you are not a creative person, who knows much about mix-match and color combinations, never give up on style. You can always opt for uniform style office wear. Uniform style is sticking to one type of clothing. For e.g. some ladies only wear kurta/kurtis to office irrespective it’s Monday or fun Saturday. 2) Some guys only wear blazers/coats every time in office (even in summers). Uniform style can be more fun if you add color / accessory to your attire. For men, try a printed formal shirt/ textured blazer/ jacket. On a plain Kurta, if you add a bing of metallic earrings .you are my rock babe...Be simple, yet classy, is what I always believe.

3)      Say ‘NO’ to expensive office wear: This doesn’t mean stop wearing brands, as I love to wear branded clothes. However there is no harm in repeating clothes in office. I normally repeat my bottom twice or thrice in a week. Well, the best way I don’t indulge much in office wear shopping by buying plain t-shirts or tops which I repeat it using different accessories like scarves, necklace, earrings etc. For men, it is best if you stitch your shirts and trousers to get the desired fit & worth the cost.

4)      Have fun with your clothes: This is really important. Wearing something that you love says that you still have time to care about you. In office, you should feel confident to show your personality with your clothes.


  • Never go strapless, no matter how casual things are. I could prefer a sleeveless or thick strap top.
  • Say no to shorts. I would wear 3/4ths during monsoon/ weekends.
  • In short don’t go so casual that you are mistaken for not caring about your job and that you are not taken seriously by co workers.

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