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My Hair Extension by BBLUNT

Hi Guys,

Being a blogger, I have to keep trying different stuffs so that I can share my experience with you all. In my previous blog in which I did my hair makeover, I had mentioned that I always wished for long hair. And the good news is my wish came true. All thanks to BBLUNT B Long, Length and Volume Clip. You can see my pic below, well it seems like my real hair but it’s not and I am in love with the hair extension. You can get length and volume so quickly once you clip it right. 


  1. You can style it the way you want and it comes in different shades like dark brown, black, natural brown, light brown so you can choose the color accordingly.
  2. It is light in weight so you don’t feel burden on your head after you clip it.
  3. For some hair types like mine, it looks natural, but for some it might not look natural as it’s made up of synthetic fibre. So try it before buying it.
  4. I feel it’s worth the price which is Rs. 3300 because it gives both length and volume and it’s from a trusted brand. 


  1. I have to wash the extensions with shampoo in order to keep it clean. The extension clips should be removed carefully from the hair so that the natural hair doesn’t get pulled, hence in my view this product is for occasional use.

I will always recommend my readers to try products before purchasing it. You can visit any BBLUNT salon, and they are very kind enough to let you first try the extensions on you and then decide. They also teach you how to clip it and how to take care of the extensions.

I would love to thank BBLUNT for launching a gorgeous range of hair extensions. You can also buy the products of BBLUNT from

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