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Collaboration with WOLFATTIRE

Who doesn’t love wearing graphic/ printed T-shirts? I was always a fan of wearing graphic tees since college. You know when I am out, I still have this common fascination of reading quotes on people’s t-shirt. You get to know one of the qualities of the individual with the help of the graphic printed on the T-shirt. E.g. I have seen guys/ girls wearing T-shirt on which it’s printed ‘Lazy’/ ‘Not a Morning Person’ / Traveler/ Adventurous etc.

Today’s post is about my collaboration & shopping experience with this new brand WOLFATTIRE. Last week, I was just scrolling down posts on Instagram, and I noticed this particular brand. I went to their Instagram page, and was amazed to see the t-shirts with cool quotes/ graphics that I can relate to it completely. I am a big time coffee addict, I saw this tee which I am wearing in the below picture and decided to go on their website to buy it.

After visiting their website, I went through all the pages for both Men & Women section to check their T-shirt collection. My buying experience was hassle free because of the live chat box provision on their website. I was confused about their size chart, hence on the live chat I raised this question, and the representative answered and solved my query within few seconds. I ordered their T-shirt and got their parcel within a week. I am happy happy!!

The T-shirt fabric is thick and soft. So quality wise they won my heart.

There are ‘Wolfattire T-shirts’ printed as ‘Haters Gonna Hate’, ‘Nap Queen’ , ‘Trust me you can dance – Vodka’ , ‘Selfie’ written in Hindi, ‘#OOTD’,  ‘Stay Positive’ which are worth buying as per your personality. 

Log on to their website and explore their wonderful collection!

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