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A Parsi Traditional Saree – “GARA”

My love for Gara sarees started when my in-laws had taken me out for shopping at a saree shop in town (Mumbai), which specialises in designing Parsi sarees.

Gara is worn on special occasions by Zoroastrians (weddings or Navjote), and it’s recognized as heavy embroidered saree. The saree is known for its fine, complex hand embroidery done by Chinese/ Indian and its extremely high rates. It’s exquisite in person and quiet bulky to wear. It is considered as uncommon fashion trend in saris among Indians. Well, I feel I am very lucky to enter the Parsi clan and grasped the opportunity to wear a lovely red gara on my engagement.

I had no idea about Parsi sarees until I entered the shop. But I was astonished to see inimitable sarees around me. The designer explained me the process of making Gara. I selected a pattern which had elements like birds, leaves, flowers which were connected to each other very magnificently in the design, which was making it look rich and eccentric.

To be Bawi bride...:)


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I had earlier about Parsi GARA. Today got a chance to see it. Will visit my friends residence to see it practically.

its surprising news that yet Parsis wear sarees.

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