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TREND ALERT: Hair styles for Men in 2014

February 24, 2014

Hairstyle means cut, length, and volume of hair to opt for according to the trend. Whether its men or women’s hairstyle trend, there is always new ideas with new season.

  1. Short curls – This for the messy natural look. It’s a natural hairstyle for men who has natural curls or heads with wavy hair. Don’t fake curls as it should look natural.

How to style it

The hair will be short at the sides and longer on the top. If you got tight curls, ask your hair dresser to chop off your curls really close to the scalp so that’s easily manageable, Don’t use hardening gels as the curls look brittle. Apply curl controller cream to your wet hair, and run your fingers through it.


2. Slicked hair with a side part – This is another classic hairstyle which enjoyed the most in 2009 and since then it’s in trend. Men with relatively straight hair go for this style. Here the hair is more likely to sit flat on the head.

How to style it-

Well, the style is more about the cut. Those with curly hair can straighten the hair to get this style; the important rule for this cut is to keep the side’s short and relatively longer hair towards the center.


 3.Straight and smooth shoulder length hair –Man with long straight hair or manageable waves can opt for this cut. This haircut if properly worn is wearable in office too.

How to style it-

Create a texture with sea salt spray. Ask your hair dresser to eliminate the right amount of weight from the hair. Layering the hair is an option for long hairs; however stay with long layers that end at the shoulders.


 4. Curly Mop – It works best when you got plenty of length and natural curls.

How to style it

Apply curl cream to create texture in the hair before you run a hair dryer through the hair.

Make sure your hair s clean and your scalp not oily. For additional curls, go for curling irons or when your hair is wet, twist the hair with your fingers.




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Beautiful and nice hairstyles for men in 2014 .Really nice sharing.

This is one nice blog I use to have different hair styles when I use to have long hair.